First Look: The Girlboss Workbook Is Coming Soon


You've dog-eared your favorite chapters, highlighted the quotes that give you life, and banked all that own-your-success goodness from the book that started it all. And now your copy is about to get a new BFF: The Girlboss Workbook drops on October 24. 

It's a hands-on, interactive journal that will prompt you to not only reabsorb the salty-sweet nuggets of #GIRLBOSS, but to engage with them on a whole new individual level; there are to-do lists, timelines, exercises and plenty of room to put the whole range of your ideas--brilliant, ridiculous and everything in between--down on paper. It's both a tool to propel yourself forward and a reminder not to take yourself too seriously (see: jaunty mustache drawn on Sophia's face) that'll help you realize your strengths and weaknesses, and set you on the path toward letting that freak flag fly and defining success on your own terms.

Stay tuned for exclusive announcements and sneak peeks; in the meantime, pre-order your copy here