The Internet Is Sledging Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Education Tour Idea

Dozens of women made allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. Now this.

Dozens of women made allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. Now this.

Cosby's proposed town halls on avoiding sexual assault accusations are striking many as bizarre and insulting.

After a judge declared a mistrial last week in the case of comedian Bill Cosby drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004, his spokesman Andrew Wyatt announced that Cosby has plans to host a series of town halls to talk to "young people" about avoiding accusations of sexual assault. And—would you believe it—plenty of people are pissed. 

In an exchange with WBRC Fox 6, Wyatt elaborated: "This issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today. And they need to know what they're facing when they're hanging out and partying, when they're doing certain things that they shouldn't be doing. And it also affects, you know, married men [laughs]."

Ebonee Benson, a spokeswoman for Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby's wife, added that "The statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended, so this is why people need to be educated on a brush against a shoulder; anything at this point can be considered sexual assault and it's a good thing to be educated about the laws."

The notion of "young athletes" and "married men" being victims of what the spokespeople are suggesting is a pervasive problem of false accusation has rightfully upset many on social media.

Some commentators see the mistrial to be a poignant example of the way our justice system and culture handles allegations of sexual assault. 

The Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has stated that he intends to retry the case against 79-year-old Cosby, who has outright denied any wrongdoing.

If you have experienced sexual assault, call the free, confidential National Sexual Assault hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673), or access the 24-7 help online by visiting

Words: Deena Drewis
Photo: Daria Kobayashi Ritch