5 Things Millennial Moms Actually Want for Mother’s Day


Hint: It's not bubble bath

Logic would suggest that because you’ve been giving your mom a Mother’s Day gift since you were old enough to imprint your hand on a plate of clay and scribble “mom I think yor really prety and you smell good!!!!” onto a card, you’re a pro by now. But let’s be honest: This is one of those holidays that gets phoned in all too often--literally, you call a flower delivery person on the phone and that’s that. It’s a problem compounded by the fact that your mom probably wouldn’t tell you if she didn’t like your gift and that she thinks you’re a lazy pile, because she’s just saintly like that. But chances are, there’s been a few she wasn’t too crazy about. Like that fondue set or that elaborate set of cake stands or any other gadget that required spending even more time in the kitchen. Here’s a good question to keep in mind when it comes to buying mom a gift: who’s it really for? Like, how much use is she, personally, going to get out of an ice-cream maker?

She deserves better. And the older you get, the more likely it is that you probably have a few moms in your life that you want to celebrate on Mother’s Day. After watching your best friend suffer through 36 hours of labor, you pull out all the stops for Mother’s Day #1. This go-round, ditch the cliches in favor of something she’ll actually use and enjoy.

 via  @birchbox

No Bath Sets, Please

Look under any mom’s bathroom sink and you’re almost guaranteed to find a few bath sets collecting dust. We get it. Moms are stressed, but no one can use that many bath bombs. Get her a beauty product she’ll actually use, like a custom facial serum. Not only will she want to use it to the last drop, but it proves that you really are listening to her complaints about those pesky sunspots she’s dying to erase. Or sign her up for a monthly beauty sample box subscription service to give her the gift that keeps on giving, like Birchbox. Because pampering doesn’t have to smell like lavender.


Help Her Stay Fit

If you know an active mom, surprise her with the solutions to all her fitness problems. Does she slip and slide around during her weekly yoga class? That’s not very zen, so she’ll really appreciate a yoga mat shaped towel that absorbs sweat. Are her headphones constantly being yanked out on the treadmill? Well, these wireless headphones that she can mold to the shape of her ears should do the trick. Help make her “me time” better and you’ll officially be her favorite child (or friend!) in no time.

 via Vine Garden Market

via Vine Garden Market

Skip the Bouquet

Flowers are classic, but a sure-fire rip off during flower-centric holidays like this one. And why spend your hard earned money on something that will die in a few days? Enter the cactus. Yep, you can send her a very on-trend cactus that will last much longer than a dozen yellow roses. Plus, if you send it to your mom, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to apologize for being such a prick during your teen years.

-Jacqueline DeMarco