The Nugs: AHCA + Menstruation Myths


On this day: In 1948, Gold Dust Woman and crystal vision kween Stevie Nicks, the frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac, was born.

  • Most of us aren’t juiced-up reality show contestants who love conflict, so starting a difficult conversation is something we tend to avoid. Here are five ways to make those talks a little less stressful.
  • You could keep checking Twitter and getting freaked out by the never ending fart fountain that is U.S. politics rn, or you could try these ways to make the most of your free time and be productive during the day.
  • So, y’know how people say bears can smell when you’re on your period? Turns out, it’s not true and the myth originates from a misunderstood tragedy almost 50 years ago. Margaret Seelie delves into how it came to be, and the fascinating and frustrating history of the patriarchy keeping ladies away from of Mother Nature.
  • While you’re heading out the door for Memorial Day Weekend, try to remember to take a little more time for yourself. A recent survey that found 62% of workers ages 18-34 check in on their work situation once or twice a week during their time off.
  • This little girl is asking the question on all of our minds right now: “Where did Barack Obama go?” Her mom explains that presidents can only be in charge for two terms, to which she responds, "How come Hillary [Clinton] did not get to be the president, and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?" Same, tbh.

—Tori Borengasser

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