The Nugs: I Love Dick + Progressive Politics


On this day: in 1948, Jamaican-born singer, songwriter, lyricist, supermodel, record producer, and actress Grace Jones was born.

  • Surprise, surprise: Throughout history, society has treated working moms like shit. A highlight: in 1873, “Harvard Medical School professor Edward Clarke argues that higher education makes women infertile.” …….Sure
  • Good news, freelancers: this law is about to make your life a whole lot easier. New York City is cracking down to help freelancers get paid for their work. For jobs paying $800 or more, freelancers must be paid either by a date specified in a contract.
  • Amazon’s new series I Love Dick is reclaiming the male gaze “to validate women's experiences in the world.” The show’s creators, playwright Sarah Gubbins, and executive producer Jill Soloway (who is also the creator and showrunner of Transparent), discuss framing the show to empower storytelling from a female perspective.

— Tori Borengasser

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