The Nugs: Snapchat Pregnancy Announcements + Destroying the Pay Gap


On this day: in 1926, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, was born. She turns 91 today, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Yaas, Queen!!”


  • Even though it might take until 2059 for us to reach equal pay, there are currently actually ten college majors where women report higher earnings than men. Among them are Sports Management, Environmental Science, and Architecture, so you can become a scholar in shattering glass ceilings.
  • If you’re swiping left on dudes in MAGA hats, chances are you’re also swiping left on companies with similar values. Tinder recently conducted a survey of its users that concluded that participants had very strong feelings about picking partners when it comes to political leanings, fidelity, and exclusivity. These findings contribute to a larger trend of “brand loyalty” that show consumers view their relationships to brands similarly to the relationships they have with loved ones.
  • While you’ve probably seen a number of reports on the lack of women in STEM fields, there is a substantial gender gap in the arts. President Trump’s recently proposed defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts threatens to increase this gap even further.
  • Would you rather be fearless or brave? That’s the question Michelle Poler poses in response to the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street that was erected for Women’s Day on March 8th this year. Poler argues that “we don’t want to raise our girls, or our boys, to be ‘fearless,’” instead encouraging them to have the bravery to experience their fears and face them head on. If you agree, you can sign her petition to change the name of the statue.
  • Looping you in here—sometimes corporate speak can sound hollow and unnatural, but The Atlantic makes a strong case for the “I’m moving you to BCC” email, which can keep you informed as to what’s going on and is courteous to your colleagues. Plus, if it finds a way to save my inbox from emails I don’t actually need to read—please advise!
 Photo: Jody Rognac / Fader

Photo: Jody Rognac / Fader

  • Serena Williams (accidentally?) announced on Wednesday via Snapchat that she is 20 weeks pregnant! Williams won her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open on Jan. 28, when she would have been already close to two months pregnant, effectively destroying all further excuses I will attempt to give about being too tired to do stuff.
  • Your favorite gal pals Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City will be performing a live read of Wayne’s World at San Francisco’s music and comedy festival, Colossal Clusterfest. ...Excellent!! If you’re planning to be in the Bay Area on June 2nd-4th, you can get tickets here to proclaim your not-worthiness.

-Tori Borengasser

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