For the Stylish (But Slightly Lazy) Set, This Google Feature is a Gamechanger


We’ve seen enough of our dear readers via social media, at various events, and at the Girlboss Rally to know we’ve got a seriously stylish audience. We also know, though, that you all are a bunch of hustlers, and for all the days you feel pumped to dress to impress (yourself), there are some days that putting together an outfit that really sings your song just isn’t gonna happen. And then there are some weeks when you just end up wearing the same outfit four days out of the week because you’re a badass and you DGAF what anyone else thinks (and also, you haven’t had time to do laundry, so.)

Whatever the case may be, Google launched a feature on app for Android and mobile web today called “Style Ideas” that’s intended to make it easier for you to pull together an outfit you love with less effort. The handy “image search” interface that has made meme-hunting soooo much easier will now have an added feature that showcases whatever you’re looking at, be it a dress or a pair of shoes, and pulls up photos of that product on models, in outfit collages, and even in real-life photos. It’ll also pull up variations (read: potentially cheaper versions) of whatever item you’re searching, so if this outfit is still in your mind’s eye rather than in your closet, you’ll have options.

No word yet on whether they’re working on a Manrepeller extension so you can take your outfit game to next-level extremes.

-Deena Drewis

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