An Introvert’s Guide to Nochella


In 2010, I attended my first-ever music festival by way of Outside Lands in San Francisco. It was fine. I had fun. But it was kinda cold, and, uh, outside. This was before “festival style” was really a thing, and I believe I wore a knit hat with ear flaps and a windbreaker. I got to see Al Green and Cat Power, which was cool. But by the time The Strokes took the stage on day one, I was so tired and crowd-overloaded that I made my way to the back, wrapped myself burrito-style in the lawn blanket, plunked down, and picked at the grass for the duration of “Last Night” and “Reptilia.” By the end of day two, I was manically monitoring my liquid intake so as to minimize use of the near-overflowing port-o-potties as much as possible, and did I mention that it was cold? For many, many people, massive music festivals are a dream; it doesn’t get much better than several days of non-stop partying with your fellow music lovers and the chance to see a whole bunch of your favorite artists. But for me, this experience confirmed what most of us know by now: you’re either a festival person or you’re not. I am decidedly not.

When festival season rolls around each year, I start experiencing whatever the opposite of FOMO is: gratitude for my couch, intense feelings of affection for my sweatpants, feeling HASHTAG BLESSED because there’s so much open parking in LA the weekends of Coachella. Not even the opportunity to see Beyoncé this year (short-lived as it was) was enough to change my mind. If, like me, your favorite activities include extreme introverting, check out the following ways you can maximize those luxurious low-key vibes while the rest of the world is out reveling in the desert, testing the limits of their bladders:


1. Treat yourself to some nice headphones and listen to the new Kendrick album, which drops tonight. On April 28, Feist is dropping her first new album in six years; ahead of that, she’s released two new songs: “Pleasure” and “Century.”


2. Remember reading? Always a good time, especially when you have the opportunity to dig in for an extended period of time. Check out these books that have come out from a bunch of rad women this year.


3. Hello, Hulu. And Netflix. And HBO Now. There’s so much to catch up on and discover for the first time. Girls is nearing its final episode. Everyone’s favorite fuck-up politicians return for a new season on VEEP on Sunday. Big Little Lies made waves with its recently wrapped first season. See if you agree with the hype surrounding 13 Reasons Why. And, duh—Girlboss drops on Netflix next weekend on Friday, April 21.


4. Eat at that super crowded brunch spot you’ve been meaning to try. If you’ve been meaning to hit up Sqirl or Gjusta but the weekend crowds are way too much (and they definitely are if you’re the type that’s reading an article dedicated to avoiding large social gatherings), this is an excellent weekend to go. The overlap of the power brunching set with the Coachella set is quite large, so expect shorter-than-usual waits and lines. Still not motivation enough to leave the comfort of your cave? Catch four recipes from Sqirl owner and chef Jessica Koslow here.


5. Steep yourself in hot water, breathe in some hot air. If you’ve never been to a Korean spa, the reduced millennial population of LA over the next two weekends will likely factor in, and there’s a chance it’ll be less crowded than normal. Prices vary by location, but for a pretty reasonable entry fee, you can hang out in different spas, steam rooms, and saunas for hours on end. Plus, you can tack on a service of aggressive exfoliation via an elderly Korean woman or even a controversial mugwort steam for your vag. Check out your options here.

-Deena Drewis

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