This Company Might Have The Answer to Your Endless Procrastinating


Ah, procrastination: the delicious bane of our existence; the ever-reliable yet annoying friend that shows up all the time, unannounced, putting its grubby feet up on your coffee table and forcing you to spend an excessive amount of energy dissecting the Facebook post your high-school ex just posted in support of Sean Spicer. It’s the primary thing standing between you and everything: your dirty laundry, the best-selling novel you’ve been meaning to write, revising your resume, catching up on email, calling your health insurance provider because its website is impossible so you have just straight up avoided going to the doctor for seven years.

Well, the end of your excuses may very well be on the horizon: A company called Cave Day recently launched in New York City, wherein attendees pay $45 to come into a co-working space on a Sunday, give up their phones, and commit to their to-do list or passion project for eight hours. The day starts with attendees identifying the primary factor holding them back from what they’d like to accomplish, writing it on a little scrap of paper, and then burning it over the flame of a candle. From there, they immerse themselves in the “cave” and start cranking for the next eight hours. Fast Company took a deep dive into their second-ever event, and according to the author of the piece, the end results were overwhelmingly positive: “I found myself steadily plugging away at [my play]—and proceeded to make more progress than I had in months.”

Cave Day promises structure, community, snacks, Legos, mindfulness exercises and even coaches to help you stay on track, which almost makes it sound like you could procrastinate if you really tried. Does it seem a little backwards to spend money out of your own pocket to do things you could very well do without paying $45? Maybe. But it’s kinda like getting your butt to a yoga class rather than lying to yourself about how you’ll get the same workout from a YouTube video at home--it’s just not gonna happen. Money on the line, combined with that weird focus that can often come with being surrounded by strangers, might very well provide the extra motivation you need to kick your own butt into gear.

-Deena Drewis

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