Want to Join Team Girlboss? Here’s What We’re Looking For


Our small but mighty team at Girlboss is looking to add to its ranks; are you the whiz we’re looking for? As we get ready to ramp up our digital content and plan a bunch of rad events, we’re looking for the following roles to add to our team:

  • The Social Media Editor will be tasked with the day-to-day creation and scheduling of social posts, as well as discovery, curation and contextualizing of pre-existing photo, film/video, and audio storytelling to be curated on Girlboss Media’s various publishing platforms.
  • The Audience Development Manager will own our digital content, traffic, and video partnerships and growth. Key responsibilities of the role include daily communication with partners about current projects and goals, reporting process with management to ensure staying on track with KPIs for the company, pitching process for syndication partnerships and creating new strategies to increase our monthly audience and revenue numbers.
  • The Brand Strategy Manager, based in NYC, will oversee the internal strategy team at Girlboss that services brand partners. We see our partners as truly that—partners—and us as the conduit between them and the conversations we create and elevate together. This department will connect the dots and find the synergies in the value proposition between Girlboss and a particular brand, and see how that brand and Girlboss can unite to add value to the our girl's life, be it through custom content, experiential activations, or community-driven programming. The Brand Strategy Manager will manage the pre-sale proposal, client relationship, program execution and success measurement.
  • The Editorial Director will run a small but mighty team of individuals to craft and distribute content across all channels including onsite, newsletter, social, podcasts, events, and more. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a creative, clever and thoughtful approach to this area, while also possessing a breadth of knowledge across the topics of career, entrepreneurship, finance, beauty, health & wellness, and more. This position will be focused on the overarching content strategy, hierarchy, taxonomy, content production and curation as well as daily editorial (writing, photo selection, publishing) responsibility. 

Find out more via their respective links and apply through Linkedin. (And psssst: Here’s some insider advice on writing a killer cover letter!)