The Nugs: Obamacare Prevails + Hot Girls Wanted, Cont’d


On this day: In 1826, legendary suffragette, abolitionist and Native American rights activist Matilda Joslyn Gage was born. After growing up in a house that was a station in the Underground Railroad, she went on to become president of the National Woman Suffrage Association, where she continued to beat against the current of even her fellow suffragettes, who positioned their argument on women being “morally superior.” Gage wasn’t having it: She stood by her assertion that women getting the vote was an inalienable right, gendered perceptions of morality be damned.



-Tech continues to be Dudebroland, and this isn’t that impressive, but at least it’s something: In a recent survey of 64,000 professionals about the state of the developer industry, 10% of respondents identified as women, up from 6.6% the previous year.



  • In a follow up to the 2015 documentary Hot Girls Wanted, produced by Rashida Jones, a six-part follow-up docu series will debut on Netflix next month, promising a nuanced, wide-ranging look at the modern porn industry. Catch the trailer here.



  • Lastly: Not sure what you're up to this weekend, but hopefully it doesn't involve heeding this advice from PETA
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