The Week in Girlboss News: Mitch McConnell Tattoos + “Feminism Lite”


On this day: In 1966, singer-songwriter Edie Brickell was born, best known for her 1988 hit single “What I Am” and therein posing the following riddle to the world: “What I am is what I am / Are you what you are, or what?” It was also the inspiration for Marnie’s glorious recreation on Girls.


  • In honor of International Women’s Day this past week, photographers shot women at their jobs in a variety of countries and cultures and asked them to express their thoughts on gender discrimination and what the future holds. A brick factory worker in Vietnam, a news reporter in Bolivia, a pole dancer in Chile, a mountaineering instructor in Kazakhstan—their responses are poignant and often heartbreaking. The piece is paired with another photo essay showing women in the workplace a century ago in 1917.
  • Also in celebration of International Women’s Day: On behalf of their client State Street Global Advisors, women at the esteemed ad agency McCann came up with the idea to install “The Fearless Girl” statue that is presently facing down the Wall Street “Charging Bull” statue. The symbol of strength and defiance has been a massive viral sensation, and the copywriter and and art director behind the campaign dish on how they came up with the idea.  
  • A few weeks back, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell shut down Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reading of a letter from Coretta Scott King during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing and defended his action with the now-viral phrase “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Kind of on accident, one woman ended up rallying 100 women to get tattoos of the phrase on their arms. Read the funny and moving story of how that happened here.
  • The “A Day Without a Woman” strike this week aimed to demonstrate the economic power of women by having participants refrain from spending money and taking the day off of work. Participation, of course, was not absolute, but here’s what that kind of absence would mean if it were actually implemented. Spoiler alert: It’d be a disaster.
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