12 Things I Abandoned In My Shopping Cart This Weekend

 About to buy *all the things.* Maybe. Wait, never mind.

About to buy *all the things.* Maybe. Wait, never mind.

Sophia Amoruso discusses the beautiful catharsis of shopping-not-shopping.

This past holiday weekend was filled with everything you might expect: Tons of food and family, a long drive, and many hours spent shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales. Except when I say “shopping,” what I really mean is that I spent hours and hours putting all the things in my online shopping cart, and then never hitting the “buy” button.

It’s a time-honored tradition that doesn’t get nearly enough credit, considering how cathartic it is, and one that plagued me for over a decade of running an online fashion company. Yes, it’s me, the anonymous shopper driving conversion rates down and digital marketers into a tizzy.

Maybe it’s simply the act of acknowledging and identifying the things that speak to us. Maybe it’s the act of envisioning our future selves in a specific setting, wearing a specific thing, and feeling really good in that moment. Maybe it’s actually the dual response of wanting things and not indulging in the purchase—an act of self-discipline that makes me feel like my responsible 30-something self.

And maybe I’m totally overthinking it. Either way, I waste so much time putting things in my cart that I never end up buying, and I know I’m not the only one. Whatever. It’s fun and weirdly relaxing, and there’s no reason anyone should feel bad about carving out a little time for themselves.

Plus, the whole point is that I didn’t actually go through with these purchases, right? Because I’m trying to be responsible with my finances and whatnot. Still, these little babies will be hanging out in my virtual cart for the near future, so we’ll see how long my resolve lasts.* Enjoy!


Anna Sui Guipure lace and grosgrain choker
$31.50 on sale

Bold, but still super elegant. Plus, once a goth, always a goth.


Miu Miu embellished velvet mules
$474 on sale

Few things say ‘I’m here to chug some eggnog’ like velvet mules with a bunch of pearls on them.


Walker Bags open tote in pink

I like the idea of see-through bags because maybe it would force me to stay more organized. Maybe?


Tilden Mesh Turtleneck in black

Really into floral patterns right now. And this super light weight turtleneck is so easy and versatile.


Sincerely Tommy Dixie Dress in navy

Part bathrobe, part '80s business suit, with a pinch of kimono vibes.


Sophie Buhai Iris earring

Simple and understated, and more playful than pearl studs.


Staud Bisset bag in red

Minimalist yet structured, and I love how vibrant this red is.


Staud Clavel dress

Gorgeous mix of nostalgia and modernity.


Staud Lindy jumpsuit

So much fun all around. Plus, a jumpsuit with a single zipper and not a button in sight? Dreamy.


Orseund Iris princess top

There’s no way you can wear this and not feel like a literal princess. Such a special top.


H&M wrap dress

Floral wrap dresses are my new everyday go-to. Totally effortless, and they’re good in pretty much every setting.


H&M patterned jacket and pants
$59.99 and $69.99

Very here for this whole pajamas-meets-business-suit moment.

*Links may redirect if items are sold out.

Words: Sophia Amoruso as told to Deena Drewis
Photo: Emman Montalvan / Courtesy