This One Simple Hack Will Make Your Post-Holiday Week SO Much Better

 Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

This week’s #whatifwednesday challenge is all about hacking your lunch game after the big holiday, in order to make your week more productive and delicious.

Holiday-season work slump, you better watch yourself; after last week’s #whatifwednesday challenge, we’re bringing another edible productivity hack to the workplace. We got some major productivity inspo from your soul smoothies and their out-of-the-box ingredients. Those little boosts really upped our hump-day hustle. Check out all the nourishing vibes below, including some hot tips on “nature’s candy” from team Girlboss.

What about this #whatifwednesday, you ask? We’ve got another fantastic and tasty treat in store, and it’s arriving right in time for that post-Thanksgiving daze: What if you invested in yourself by adding a little TLC and organization to your lunch game? Turn an ordinary day into a more productive, more energetic, #whatifwednesday with one small change: Make your desk lunch more delicious.

We’re talking mini spice collections in your desk drawer or anything you do to change your “sad desk lunch” into something way better (because, let’s be honest: Turkey leftovers get old real quick). Take a look at our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board and see what quick cooking hacks you can incorporate into your work week to save you time and give you a boost of that extra extra.

Then, share your unexpected energy boosters with us on Instagram using the hashtags #whatifwednesday #girlbossradio and #mypinterest. You might just end up on an article on the site next week, or on our social media!

Also, after we share our favorites right in this very spot, we’ll also be sending out three signed copies of The Girlboss Workbook each week. Plus, you could win a ticket to the next Girlboss Rally in LA in March 2018!*

So, if you need a midday pick-me-up, look no further. Try this nourishing, energy-boosting #whatifwednesday challenge and see how much better your afternoon becomes. We can’t wait to see the results.

And below, peep some inspo from last week’s challenge and see what a big booster soul smoothies were (and what crazy cool ingredients people included). Yay! 


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Words: Eva Grant
Photo: Stocksy