This Woman Has Access To The Most Powerful Women In The World


Kristen Bellstrom, co-editor of Fortune's massively popular newsletter "The Broadsheet," dishes on what it means to deliver the news that women need right now more than ever on this week's episode of "Girlboss Radio."

Of all the posturing and forecasting that has gone on in regards to the unpredictable future of the media in recent years, here's something very few people saw coming: Email newsletters are kinda killin' it.

That's right—the digital version of the analog #content you used to drum up for your Girls Rule, Boys Drool Club back in the day has somehow managed to break through the digital clutter and captivate audiences in a way that's been both surprising and incredibly heartening.

And among the leaders of the pack is "The Broadsheet," a newsletter coming out of Fortune that covers "daily news on the world's most powerful women," co-edited by this week's Girlboss Radio guest Kristen Bellstrom.

So, what makes a newsletter so compelling that it garners a 40 percent open rate? (That's marketer-speak for "you've got an audience so captive it's bonkers.") It's Bellstrom's commitment to the subject at hand, of course, and the insights she delivers from the world's most powerful women. 

And between the recent deluge of sexual harassment allegations, the ongoing issues of the gender pay gap, and discrimination in the workplace, "The Broadsheet" is the timely, sharp, incisive delivery of straight-to-the-inbox news so many women need.

In this week's episode, she and Sophia take a deep dive into what it means to reach people through the increasingly dense digital landscape, what it means to finally land on a career path that meets your sense of purpose, and why the words "power" and "ambition" have gotten such a bad rap:


On deciding on a career path:

“Figure out what you’re good at and lean into that.”

“Building your career on something that feels like a real talent gives you confidence to stretch.”

“If you don’t see the type of job you want, create it for yourself.”

On the persistent lack of female CEOs:

“There is progress being made, but it is so incredibly rare for women to get those roles, and we need to remind people of that all the time.”

“We see more and more women pursuing the entrepreneurial route, and that can open up completely different doors [than pursuing a CEO role].”

On the meaning of the words 'power' and 'successful':

“Power is the ability to make change, and to influence people who are in a position to make change. I think of it as a word that says, ‘I am making decisions and I can change the world around me.’”

“Success is feeling like I have some power in my career, but that it’s not the only thing in my life.”

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Words: Deena Drewis