Good Sex And A Solid Sleep Could Make You Happier (And It Can't Hurt)

Like we needed another reason to get laid.

Like we needed another reason to get laid.

According to the least surprising study results ever, the secret to happiness could be found in bed.

In a UK survey of 8,250 men and women, the Sainsburys-sponsored Living Well Index found that the happiest people are also the most well-rested—and the most sexually satisfied. Ahem, yes please.  

Although this news is anything but shocking, what might surprise you is the fact that sleep appears to be even more crucial to our overall happiness than good sex. As the folks over at the Living Well Index put it, “Sleep was the strongest indicator of a broader sense of wellbeing, controlling for other factors.”

Study participants with the highest scores evidently reported feeling well rested 60 percent of the time, while over half of those in the bottom 20 percent of the Index said that they almost never felt well-rested. Yikes!

A good sex life came (lol) in second place. Of the entire surveyed population, only 35 percent said they were happy with their sex life. Conversely, 63 percent of everyone residing at the top of the Living Well Index reported satisfaction with their sex lives. As the Living Well Index researchers explained:

“Across the population as a whole, just over a third (35 per cent) said they were fairly or very satisfied with their sex lives. Once again, these individuals were disproportionately likely to be found at the top of the Living Well Index—with almost two thirds (63 per cent) of those at the top saying that they were satisfied with their sex life, twice the national average.”

Of course, it’s oversimplifying to the max to claim that happiness is just a good night’s sleep and an enthusiastic romp away. The fact is, everything from your mental health to your socioeconomic status can make things like relaxing during sex and falling asleep at night feel like an impossible feat.

Still, it’s encouraging to learn that a good sex life and proper sleeping habits are essentially mood-boosting magic. And it’s definitely fun to have yet another excuse to get laid and take naps.

Words: Elizabeth Enochs
Photo: Stocksy