How To Arrange Perfect, Non-Lame Flowers On The Cheap

Because grocery store flowers don't have to suck.

Because grocery store flowers don't have to suck.

Whether you’re planning for a special event, person, or you just really dig nature, we've got your back.

If you adore a solid flower arrangement but you don't love spending a ton of money on dying plants, then we've got great news. We recently chatted with the team over at Flower Girl NYC about how to arrange flowers for less, and it's actually pretty simple. 

Whether you're planning a Halloween party, your own wedding, or just a creative night in, here are just a few ways you can arrange non-lame flowers on the cheap. You're welcome!

Use an awesome vase

You probably don’t even need us to tell you this, but a beautiful vase (vintage charm goes a long way here) can make all the difference when it comes to flower arrangements—perhaps especially if your flower budget is equal to your monthly Netflix dues.

So before you even start out on this flower-arranging journey, make sure you have a vase that’s worthy of the job. Here’s a few vases to peruse later.

Stay seasonal and choose flowers that match your style

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“Seasonal blooms will be the best as it is their time to shine,” Denise Porcaro, the founder of Flower Girl NYC says. So if you’re really stuck on which flowers to buy, start with the seasonal ones. No matter what time of year it is, you should have plenty of options.

Which is important, because you don’t want to buy flowers you don’t particularly enjoy looking at. “Flowers are a personal choice, as is a personal style,” Porcaro points out. “I wouldn't really care if people have the same as you, as long as it’s what you really wanted for yourself.”

Keep it simple

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While diversity improves pretty much every aspect of life, the Porcaro and team says it’s best to keep things simple when you’re arranging flowers. “Keeping the color mix minimal will allow for you to look like a pro—shades of one color work well.” And if you just can’t decide what your arrangement’s color scheme should be, the Flower Girl NYC team suggests sticking with a nice rose medley.

Add a “filler” flower to lackluster bouquets

Working with only one type of flower can give your arrangement a chic, modern look, especially if you’re working with calla lilies, orchids, and anthurium.

But if you’re working with a monotonous bouquet from Ralph’s, then you should probably buy some pretty “filler” flowers, like Queen Ann’s Lace or Waxflower, to spice up the arrangement.

Create smaller groupings out of larger bouquets


Have you ever come across a bouquet that was priced perfectly, but the actual arrangement looked like shit? Well, next time you should probably just buy the thing and break it down into smaller groupings.

You might not love how the store arranged your flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something gorgeous with the bouquet once you get home. Plus, you’ll literally be turning one arrangement into several, which is the epitome of arranging flowers on the super duper cheap.  

Get creative with the leaves

If you find yourself only able to purchase one type of flower, and your vase is a standard glass one, then you can try to liven up your arrangement with the greenery from your flowers. Just wrap the leaves around the base of your arrangement, and voila! 

You can do this with any flower that boasts large leaves, of course, but Flower Girl NYC is particularly fond of tropical greenery. As Porcaro puts it, “The use of large interesting tropical leaves is a great approach—and they also last for a long time.” Win-win.

Don’t forget about aftercare

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It might not seem necessary to give dying flowers fresh water every day, but Flower Girl NYC says the key to keeping an arrangement looking killer is to treat it like a living thing. “Changing the water daily and trimming the stems about a quarter of an inch every other day will help your blooms last longer,” Porcaro tells Girlboss.

So the next time you put some flowers together, just make sure you don’t forget about them afterward. Not only will daily aftercare make your arrangement stay pretty longer, it’ll save you money.

Words: Elizabeth Enochs
Photo: Courtesy/Composite