These Are The Best Social Media Jobs On LinkedIn This Week

You could literally be repping the Winter Olympics *starts humming the theme song*.

You could literally be repping the Winter Olympics *starts humming the theme song*.

These employers know that it doesn’t just take an iPhone and Twitter account to be a social media maven. They’re looking for more, and offering some pretty cool opportunities in exchange.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty handy when it comes to social media. But having the skills to translate this into a profession requires some next-level prowess, as well as creativity. 

If you think you've got what it takes to bring home the bacon as a social media pro, LinkedIn has some pretty cool gigs for you this week. Interested in planning social strategies for the Olympics? Or being the voice for women’s right to healthcare (in face of some pretty major obstacles)? Then this list will probably get you pretty pumped.

Ranging from one to 10 years of required experience, these jobs all look for a blend of savvy and creativity that will keep you from getting bored on the job.

Social Media Manager, Planned Parenthood

The nation’s leading women’s healthcare provider needs you. If you’re an unrelenting feminist with two to three years of online experience—especially with CRMs and rapid response—then this could be the perfect fit.

You’ll get to engage influencers and “super advocates” and make sure the Planned Parenthood Federation is staying as engaged as possible with the news. Also, we’re pretty sure that your colleagues at the Planned Parenthood D.C. office will be pretty badass women.

Social Media Director, Too Faced Cosmetics

Based out of the Too Faced corporate HQ in Irvine, California, this position will put you in charge of Too Faced Cosmetics’ online presence. Too Faced is all about shaking up the beauty industry and celebrating and empowering women.

Also, everything they make is cruelty-free. So if you think makeup is power, and have an eye laser-focused on social media channels, then this may be a great fit for you. And you get to promote makeup that literally smells like peaches and cream.

Head of Social Media, Amazon Studios

If you’re an experienced (think 10-plus years) social media maven, your search for the dream job could end here. Amazon Studios, of Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle fame, is looking for a visionary new Head of Social Media to help make Prime Video successful on a global scale. And according to Amazon’s website, working for Amazon comes with some pretty fantastic perks; think elder support and pet assistance, along with health, finance, and paid time-off plans.

Social Media Consultant, UN Women

Are you, by any chance, trilingual? UN Women is looking for someone who speaks English, Spanish, and French to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women worldwide. This workplace is all about shared values, and they’re looking for someone who’s got integrity, cultural sensitivity, and emotional intelligence—not just someone who can Tweet in three languages. 

Social Media Manager, PBS

If “the best television on television for kids” still rings in your ears, and you’ve got a passion for public television, then check out the role of Social Media Manager at PBS. They’re looking for someone to take on their social media, oversee media strategy for events, streamline analytics, and help educate people within PBS on best practices. Plus, this job is at PBS Headquarters in Arlington, VA—where you can see the world’s coolest-named historical reenactment: the Twilight Tattoo.  

Social Media Director, NBC Universal

Did you know the Winter Olympics are coming up soon? The Olympic torch is already on its way. If this is the kind of thing you keep an eye on, then check out this job, where you’ll be developing strategy and day-to-day operations of NBC Sports and Olympics social media strategy. This position in Stamford, CT is ideal for someone with a passion for sports, and by train, you're less than an hour from NYC.

Manager, Global Social Marketing-Film, Netflix

Netflix noticed that its users want more movies premiering right on their laptops. Natch, they’re bringing us more movies, and they're looking for someone to spark conversation worldwide about these premiers.

Netflix is looking for film-industry buffs, but they don't require that you've worked on film campaigns before. What they’re looking for is a creative, collaborative strategist. Also, you’ll get free lunches and unlimited vacation days.

News Editor, Blavity

Blavity calls its employees rockstars. And it’s using the internet to enable millennials of color to tell their own stories. What more could you want? This position is all about pitching and writing articles for Blavity’s social media channels. With seven to 10 million monthly social impressions, your work will really get out there. Plus, this is a remote opportunity, so you can work anywhere you want. 

Content & Community Manager, Social Media, Rent the Runway

The Content & Community Manager role at Rent the Runway is all about collaboration. Not only will you get to work with creative, marketing, customer service, and fashion teams, but also you’ll be constantly connecting with social media audiences.

Every day, you’ll create posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, helping Rent the Runway establish itself as a lifestyle brand. Beyond reporting and analytics, you’ll create influencer partnerships and identify new trends. If you’re the first in your friend group to hear about the next big thing, Rent the Runway wants you.

Social Media Community Coordinator, Moroccanoil

Is the smell of Moroccanoil what your dreams are made of? All you need is one year of social media experience for this amazing entry-level job based out of NYC and Montreal. You’ll get to come up with ideas to engage with customers and stylists, and learn all about social media with the Australia-based brand.

Also, their existing partnerships look pretty cool. Current Morrocanoil influencers include a model, fitness trainer, skateboarder, and underwater photographer.

Words: Eva Grant
Image: Stocksy