Beyond the #Girlbossmoment: Camila Leguizamón

 photo by Revista Mujer

photo by Revista Mujer

"I started a lingerie label called 'Toru & Naoko' a little over two years ago after moving to Chile to follow my boyfriend. I didn't have much; I started with $200 and my sewing machine, and I sold everything out of my home through Etsy. After a few months, and with the help of social media and bloggers, I was selling enough to hire someone to help me with the sewing. That's also when I created my own website,

Now I have three amazing employees,  we produce everything in-house, and we've had sales to over 30 countries. This week, we received wholesale orders from two new shops, which makes a total of 10 stockists in the States; this my #girlbossmoment! We also have stockists in Canada and Switzerland. I'm now planing to attend a trade show in LA to expand our presence on the West Coast. I still design, photograph and edit everything, and we also create made-to-measurement pieces for anyone that's outside our size chart."

Camila’s three pieces of advice for budding entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t let the negative drag you down! Bad things will happen, some people won’t like what you do, and you will make mistakes. But just move forward; it will only make you stronger.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you; you’ll achieve things you’ve never even imagined.
  • Follow your gut instinct and be true to who you are.

Instagram: @toruandnaoko