Beyond the #Girlbossmoment: Christina J. Wang Lands a Shoot With Man Repeller


"This is picture is of me styling a human model for a Man Repeller shoot featuring my scarves. I started my scarf business, CJW, about a year and a half ago. I am trained as a painter, and one day I decided to branch off and create a more accessible product to showcase my art. Scarves were an obvious pick, as its form is most  similar to the 2D medium of drawing and painting. 

I've always been a fan of Man Repeller and have manifested in the universe a desire to be featured on their website. We sent a scarf as a gift to Leandra about a year ago, but ultimately it was my PR firm Maguire Steele that put the opportunity together. My PR lady there, Megan, is also a total girlboss, and it's exciting for me to get to work with so many amazing women on a daily basis.

While all entrepreneurs think their project is a special unicorn, it is quite difficult to stand out in this crowded and saturated market. Starting a business and building a brand feels like a non-stop exercise of shouting into the void. This feature with Man Repeller is my #girlbossmoment because it represents someone (who is not my mom or sister) saying "hi" back from the void. Yay! Also, my dog Phinn has been my product model and greatest fan from day one, so, it's pretty exciting and different to style a human being for a change." // @cjwang

 Supermodel Phinn & friend

Supermodel Phinn & friend

Three pieces of advice from Christina to aspiring Girlbosses:

  • Just do it. Stupid ideas can be scrapped later, but nothing can succeed if you don't start it.
  • Be kind and generous to everyone. Favors are so crucial when you don't have access to a large marketing budget or extensive industry connections. 
  • Be humble and open to outside advice, but remain strong enough to fight for your vision.