Portrait of a Girlboss: Laura Schubert of Fur

Clockwise from top: Emily Schubert, Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung

Clockwise from top: Emily Schubert, Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung

America isn’t afraid to drop a pretty penny on pubes; in 2014, we collectively spent $11 billion dollars waxing our body hair into submission, 1.1 million people opted for laser hair removal, and the fact that Nair still exists suggests people are still subjecting themselves to that special Nair smell. And yet as a society, we’re about as eager to have frank conversations about genital care as we are to admit that ardent participation in Girl Scout cookie season is not an entirely selfless act of charity.

That’s where Fur comes in. Founded by sisters Emily and Lauren Schubert along with Lillian Tung, Fur is a line of products designed to take care of your pubic hair and the surrounding skin whether you choose to remove your hair or not. And with all-natural ingredients and a modern, sleek design, they make it easy to want to take care better care of your little curlies. 

Lauren recently talked with Girlboss about pube taboo, the particular challenges of skin and hair in the pubic region, and what’s in store for the future of pubic-hair care. Because as Fur puts it on its website: “Few things in life are certain, but pubic hair is one of them.”

So it seems like as a society, we have this obsession with pubes pretty much from high school on, and yet we don’t really want to talk about it aside from aesthetics; there’s not much concern for what’s actually healthy, as far as maintenance goes. Why do you think that is?

Pubes are still a taboo subject, even though we all have them or choose to remove them.  Additionally, up until recently, beauty as an industry has been all about creating a visual look of "perfection" and specifically defining what that is. I think beauty is moving away from this flat, purely aesthetic set of rules and standards; look at the success of Glossier with putting skincare first. Men and women are increasingly defining beauty for themselves in terms of care and how they themselves want to look. As people define their own beauty, pubic-hair grooming starts to encompass more than hair length, with a greater emphasis on the ritual of self care, natural ingredients, and how having it (or not) makes you feel.

What made you and your partners want to address this?

We created Fur because we wanted more care options for ourselves. Before Fur, pubic-hair grooming was only about removal—having hair or not, with an emphasis on not. We wanted natural products that would care for the hair and skin at any length, from bare to full. Before Fur, there were no products to extend the everyday ritual we all have to this most important part of the body.

What was the development process for the products like? 

We spent over a year developing our products because we knew they had to be efficacious and meet several needs that no other products out in the market currently address. The pubic region is unique in that it involves caring for both hair and skin in an environment of clothing and friction. We went through several iterations to ensure the formulations are quick-absorbing, non-staining, efficacious, and safe (not to mention edible, just in case!) Our oils have been formulated to meet EU regulatory standards and have gone through dermatological and/or gynecological testing.

Who do you envision as your customer?

Everyone is our customer. Almost all adults have some form of body hair/pubic hair. Studies show that up to 95% of people already groom pubic hair, but right now this is all focused on the length of the hair and the look: do you have hair or not? Fur’s products make the hair and skin you have soft and comfortable. Our products are for people looking for care options for their pubic hair and skin.  

What’s been your biggest challenge as a company so far? Your biggest success?

The biggest challenge and biggest success are almost two sides to the same coin: it’s been the response to our products. More often than not, people wonder where our products have been all their lives and couldn’t be happier. Others are shocked or embarrassed. That’s one of the most exciting aspects of Fur—everyone has an opinion.

Your most recent released the Ingrown Concentrate. What’s next on the docket?

We are working on many things, including some collaborations. Fur plans to launch several more products in addition to the ones we have today to care for pubic hair and skin. We are all already grooming this hair, but we hope to make people feel more comfortable talking about it.


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