Checking in: Girlboss Grant Recipient Christin Chang of CHRISU


Christin Chang was one of our inaugural Girlboss grant recipients back in January of 2015. Her company, CHRISU, was founded on crafting gorgeous, hand-illustrated silk scarves and Christin has since expanded to pajamas. We recently checked in with Christin to see how the grant has changed her business in the last year and a half:

It’s been 18 months since you were awarded your Girlboss Grant. What’s new?!

A lot of things have changed since I've been chosen as a Girlboss grant recipient. We are now part of an amazing showroom in New York City and they are in charge of most of our sales and PR. Joining the showroom really took CHRISU to a new level. We are now stocked in more than 20 stores throughout the country and we've increased our sales 1000% percent since the previous year. We also got to create some exclusive scarves and prints for big brands like Calypso St. Barths. It's amazing working with people that genuinely care for your brand and to have the opportunity to learn from them. A lot has changed, but despite all the changes, I still work the same hours of day, struggle over meeting deadlines and stress over next design concepts. I guess somethings just don't change...  

How has the grant changed your approach to your business?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. It's not a job where you can clock out at 5 pm, and it definitely isn't a Monday through Friday job. Being a part of Girlboss made me aware of a large community of entrepreneurs out there that may be going through the same struggles as I am. It is also my source of motivation. It's exciting to see fellow grant recipients grow and take on exciting projects and it makes you want to do the same!  A wise person one once said “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm,” and being one of the Girlboss grant recipients is my personal testament that continuously reminds me to keep going, because good things come to those who hustle! 

Anything super exciting coming up?

Yes! But the details are such that I will have to wait to reveal them until next time ;) 


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