Beyond the #Girlbossmoment: Courtney Sinclair


My #girlbossmoment of last week was paying my quarterly taxes and not being broke afterwards! I'm a photographer and have been trying to learn all of this "self employed" stuff on my own. Only recently have I been able to figure out the joy of paying your self-employment taxes. After doing my yearly taxes, I realized not only are there federal taxes, but there are state (and county) taxes too. As more of an artsy person, I obviously never took accounting, so learning all of this on my own was a pain in this ass (and ended up costing quite a bit too). But after hours of research I think (fingers crossed) I've got it down! Every few months I send a portion of my earnings out into the universe hoping that it finds its way to where it needs to be. This time, I actually had money left over, so it was more of a success than usual. Seriously, they need a handbook for us self-employed folks! It's awesome being your own boss, though. There's nothing better than sitting in bed with a glass of wine working your butt off while all your friends are sitting behind a desk waiting for their work day to be over. I love being a #girlboss.

Instagram: @agirlnamedcourtney