An interview with Shara Morris, Producer for Girlboss Radio


Ever wonder what it's really like in the #Girlboss Radio closet-turned-studio? Meet the #Girlboss that makes your favorite podcast possible. Shara Morris is the #Girlboss Radio producer that tracks down amazing guests and edits the podcast each week. We asked her about what it's like to produce the show every week, and what's next on the horizon.

What does a podcast producer do?
A podcast producer can do many things! We book and research guests, prep our hosts, write scripts and interview questions, and edit and mix the episodes.

You went to college specifically for radio, right? What inspired you to pursue that?
I graduated with a history degree and wanted a liberal arts education to learn how to think critically and write well. That said, in college I also always knew I wanted to work in media in some capacity after school. I’m from Houston originally so the summer after freshman year of college I interned for Houston Public Radio, and summer after my junior year I interned for New York Public Radio.

I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to work in radio full time, so after school I got a job working in entertainment in New York. While I loved many of my colleagues, entertainment didn’t suit me. So I returned to what made me happy: radio. As trite as it may sound, I truly relish learning and hearing people’s stories. I specifically enjoy working in radio and podcasting because the medium is so intimate and accessible. You don’t need a movie crew to do it -- you just need a recorder (even just an iPhone app!). So I left my job in January 2013 to attend The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. For four months I researched, reported, wrote and edited my first radio pieces and stayed up all hours deep in the Maine winter. It was simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating. I knew I had found my niche.  

How'd you get the gig as the #Girlboss Radio producer?
There’s a vibrant and supportive community of public radio and podcast producers based here in Los Angeles. We have a Facebook group where we post jobs, relevant articles about our industry, and organize meetups. I was wrapping up one freelance job and about to look for a new project when I saw a post that Slate was looking for a freelance producer for a new, ongoing project. I’m so glad it turned out to be #GirlbossRadio! I spoke with Sophia on the phone, and the rest is history.

Sophia & Liz seem pretty candid as is, but what's it like behind the scenes with them?
Sophia and Liz are as hilarious off-mic as they are on-mic. I love working with them, and there truly isn’t a dull moment. Not that I’m surprised, but Sophia is also an excellent interviewer. CEOs, founders, and owners really let their guards down on the show and share things about themselves we don’t hear anywhere else. It’s even more impressive that Sophia comes from a business background and interviewing is a completely new skillset -- she really can do it all!

What do you love most about producing the show?
The most satisfying thing about #GirlbossRadio is that we’re a community for young women to “gather” on the airwaves and share our stories each week -- from our deepest challenges and to brightest successes. I love how Sophia and our guests not only empower our listeners but also mobilize them to start that business, ace that exam, start their novel, or simply put one foot in front of the other, as we’ve seen with our awesome listeners’ #Girlbossmoments. And personally I get so much out of it myself. I feel really lucky to be in the studio each week receiving free advice from such incredibly accomplished women.

What's up next for the podcast?
We’re exploring the idea of doing a live show, which could be really fun, especially for the one year anniversary of the launch of #GirlbossRadio. Other than that, we have some fantastic guests coming up, so keep tuning in!

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