The Girlboss Gift Guide

 via WJ London

via WJ London

The carousel of cocktail parties, the abundance of cake and cookies, the exorbitant coziness of fuzzy socks, glitter as part of your everyday aesthetic—these are all considerable perks of the holiday season. But there are few pleasures as sweet as finding that perfect gift for your favorite people, and nothing sweeter still than shopping for the badass ladies in your life (sorry, dudes, but it’s the truth). 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite extra-special gifts from women we’ve profiled, entrepreneurs and creatives we’ve given Girlboss Foundation grants to, and superstars who are otherwise doing a bang-up job standing out from the crowd. A number of these businesses are going even bigger-hearted with proceeds from sales going to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union; check it out:



If she’s a SQIRLBOSS (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) who loves delicious things: You might’ve caught chef Jessica Koslow’s episode on Girlboss Radio or else this peek inside her delightful toast-shop-turned-nationwide-phenomenon. Their jams are no joke, and you can order this set of two unique, always-different flavors in the Sqirl Jam Gift Box Set ($25).

If she’s all about the details and she's a hostess with the most-est: These Holiday Cheers Letterpress Coasters from Girlboss Foundation grant winner Cat Call Collective ($10) add a warm touch to a holiday party. It’s the small things (and the fact that warped coffee tables from wet glasses are a total bummer). 

If she's all about carpe-ing that diem: The Mantra Tee by Daisy Natives ($18) encourages its wearer and all who see it to appreciate life’s pleasures (but also: eat your veggies). 

If she always answers the question “How’ve you been?” with “BUSY!”: The queens of cute from Ban.Do did up the I Am Very Busy Planner ($20) so you can get your shit together without sacrificing aesthetics (or pink-ness).

If she’s been talking a lot about that period underwear but hasn’t made the commitment yet: THINX founder Miki Agrawal was on Girlboss Radio a few months back telling us how her revolutionary period-panties company came about. Pretty much every woman we know who has tried them is 100% in love ($30 for the “cheeky” cut. They’re also selling a baseball hat that says “MOIST,” FYI, in case your bestie is a little extra.)

If she’s just getting acquainted with her crafty side: The Create Your Own: Skirt Bundle ($24.99) comes from another Girlboss Grant winner, Aeline, and utilizes their innovative Pliable Pattern to set you on the path for creating your own skirts. The possibilities are as endless as that circle skirt you can ask your bestie to make you after you give her this.

If she’s hell bent on taking down the patriarchy: The massively popular The Future is Female t-shirt by Otherwild ($30) isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Guaranteed to attract smiles and affirmative nods from cool people and dubious remarks from douchebags. 25% of all proceeds for “The Future is Female” line go to Planned Parenthood.


$30 to $75

If she has a serious (and maybe slightly concerning?) obsession with La Croix: If this is her lifeblood, what could be better than this La Croix Planter by Hello Happy Plants ($50)? It comes with an air plant, which she’ll have to take care of, so y’know, maybe she’ll have slightly less time to blow all her money on La Croix.

If she’s committed to destigmatizing the female body, even while her houseguests are peeing: This artfully, cleverly designed Private Parts Bathmat by Cold Picnic ($60) has been a big hit for them. $10 of each bath mat sold through the end of 2016 will be donated to Planned Parenthood, Standing Rock, Everytown for Gun Safety and Southern Poverty Law Center.

If she’s beauty-obsessed but also v concerned about the environment: The Hyperluxe Lip Liqueur ($34) by Girlboss Grant winner Josephine Cosmetics comes in six stunning shades. It’s vegan and organic and inspired by “women vigilantes.”

If she’s got fins and she DGAF: This wall pennant lets the world know she’s not one of those nice mermaids. When it comes time to join The Resistance, she’ll be ready. By Rayo & Honey, $40.

If you and your bestie are all grown up but not really: Make a pact to get each other these Friendship Bracelets ($46). We profiled Rony Vardi, founder of cult-favorite jewelry brand Catbird, a few months ago and the list of delicate pieces to covet only grows. A portion of all Catbird proceeds through 2016 go to Girl Up and the American Civil Liberties Union.

If she needs a (mini) axe to grind: Because she can’t let go of being a go-getter with the Tiny Axe Necklace by Elaine Ho ($45) around her neck. 


$75 to $100

If she knows how to work pattern AND texture and is committed to preserving indigenous craftwork: Ilano Design is another Girlboss Foundation grant winner, and the Jing Slide Sandal  ($98) is one of the many products they offer that are produced in a collaborative effort with indigenous women weavers from around the globe. Proceeds directly benefit these artists.

Similarly: Luna Zorro, featured recently in our Beyond the #Girlbossmoment series, promotes the work of native Guatemalan women. In LOVE with this Crudo Pom Pom Pillow ($89).


$100 and up

If a Monet print is just too basic for her decorative sensibilities: Roots Studios (originally TOTO Express) is another former Girlboss Foundation grant winner. Dedicated to creating jobs in artist communities in Indian villages, the company sells these gorgeous framed limited-edition prints ($159) that add gorgeous, unique color to a wall. 

If she’s worships at the altar of all that is shiny: Tuesday Bassen, renowned artist (and illustrator of Nasty Galaxy!) opened her storefront in LA earlier this year. Among the most coveted pieces: The Hail Satin Jacket, now available in pink and black ($150). 

If you want to make her spot for beauty rest even more beautifying: Suku Home makes gorgeous homegoods like the Desert Quilt Cover Set ($280) and carefully crafted pajamas. Dreamy, no? Keep an eye out for a Portrait of a Girlboss piece on founder Christine Lafian in coming weeks!

If she’s a jetsetter but her phone battery is always at 1%: The ladies of AWAY have introduced super high-quality suitcases at a fraction of the price of their high-end competitors, and the suitcases come equipped with a built-in battery that can charge any USB device (large carry-on, $245).

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