5 Keys to Keeping Your Workplace a Happy Place

Last week, we profiled Christine Lafian, founder of SUKU, an Australian textile company peddling gorgeous handmade, ethically sourced bedding and clothing that's the stuff of dreams. If you missed her poignant insights into the importance of product integrity, taking care of your business relationships, and building a cohesive brand, check it out posthaste! Below, she shares her tips on how to make sure you're crafting a career that brings you joy on a day-to-day basis. 

1. Work with people you know and who understand your vision. It’s so important for me to know the people I work with, and especially the makers of my product. The energy we create from working together is what my customer is going to wear. I feel like this human connection is so easily lost with brands, and customers don’t really know the story behind everything anymore. It’s so good to see more businesses being transparent about their story and vision. Collaborating with friends and my local community is also something I love doing. It creates a fun environment in the workplace and a sense of mutual support that comes through in the final product.

2. Understand your personal motivation. Work for a cause you believe in--something that will give you pleasure even when you're putting in long days. It's important to mix business with pleasure for this reason, because it'll drive you to keep fighting for what you’re building. For my own brand, I work with local women in Bali with whom I've created a great relationship. This motivates me to keep going during the hard times, as I know that these women are relying on me on a day-to-day basis. Find what motivates you deeply, and it will always get you through. For me, my motivation is personal connection.

3. Is it comfortable? It can be in what you wear, how you handle your day, or in the decisions you make. I wear pajamas to work (because why not?! They’re stylish!) and make sure that every decision I make for my business is something that I’m truly comfortable with. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Trust your intuition!

4. Have some fun first! Being an entrepreneur is hard. Working in general is hard! Always remember to stop and remind yourself to have some fun, whatever that means to you. Working is a process, and success is the result that comes from that process. By infusing some fun into your day to day, you’re ensuring there’s longevity and sustainability to that success.

5. Remember to rest up. If you’re tired, learn to rest. Put your phone down (but don’t quit!) Being an entrepreneur, there’s a tendency to feel bad when we take time off to relax. A dear friend of mine once reminded me after I had a few sleepless nights that I was looking pretty shit and unhappy, and that if I’m not healthy and happy, how can my business be? You’ll make the best choices if you’re well slept, watered, and fed.

Never feel guilty in mixing pleasure with business. By bringing the two together, you have a better chance of making it to your goal. We want to work for ourselves because we want to write our own story and have fun, and to not be told what to do ;-) 


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