Beyond the #Girlbossmoment: Phoebe & Roxy Bust Out Five Murals in a Month and Surpass Their Income Goal!


“My partner, Roxy Prima, and I started a lettering meet-up group a little over a year ago. After planning lots of events and collaborating on a few design projects, we found that we worked really well together. Requests for commissions started coming in, and we realized our passion was worthy of becoming a business. We both quit our full-time desk jobs within a few months of each other and took the business full force. We are now a full functioning design studio that focuses on large-scale art pieces that bring businesses to life. Obviously, there have been ups and downs, but over the past few months we've been able to really increase our momentum. 

We normally like to schedule two murals a month, but during November some timelines overlapped and we ended up having to complete five. Although it was physically exhausting, I can't help but be really proud of us. Roxy and I are notoriously fast workers and painted for 10 to 14 hours at a time to finish our pieces. Our clients were sometimes skeptical that we could finish so quickly, but were extremely happy when they came into their space in the morning to find their walls completely transformed. Not only did we surpass our goal of creating two murals a month, but we well surpassed our monthly income goal! Now, it's time to treat ourselves with some massages!”

Three pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

1. Hire a business coach. It can be expensive, but it is totally worth it. Roxy and I started working with a coach about four months ago, and it was a complete game changer. As trained graphic designers, we had never learned the importance of a sales process or strategizing for quarterly goals.

2. You get what you give. Put what you want out into the world, because nobody is going to read your mind. We've become especially vocal about our desires, and now they're becoming a reality!

3. Talk about money upfront. Money can be an awkward topic, so it's better to get it out there in the open sooner rather than later. The worst is getting too far down the pipeline and having an awkward confrontation or finding out the client can't afford your services.


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