Give the badass little girl in your life the coolest gift ever


Super-exciting news, dearest readers: As of last week, you can officially get your paws on Secret Code, the customizable feminist children’s book that was awarded a Girlboss Foundation grant back in August! In the months since, grant recipient and creative mastermind Mara Binudin-Lecocq has been hard at work creating this beautiful, inspiring, diversity-minded children’s book wherein the protagonist is modeled after the badass little girl in your life. She’ll be taken on a customized journey of creativity, mischief and mayhem as her plans to program a robot to do her chores run amok and it’s up to her to step in and save the day. Check out this incredible video that just came out today:

“Mara’s proposal embodied everything we stand for: She’s challenging the status quo in a way that’s creative and fearless,” said Sophia. 

ORDER ONE HERE! And check out the Secret Code website for additional background on the lack of female protagonists in children’s literature and how exposing girls to messages of leadership and encouragement can have a huge impact further down the line.

The cost is $36 and includes shipping. Stay tuned for extra customizable options that will be added, including an option to depict mixed-race parents, same-sex parents and single parents!  

P.S. Did you catch Mara's 7 tips for being a good creative leader that was on the site last week? Read up!

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