Welcome to the Nasty Galaxy


Nasty Galaxy. It’s a phrase that’s been kicking around in my head for many years now. Seems almost prescient—like an elegant way to expound upon the brand I started in 2006. Ten years ago, it was just an eBay store inspired by the name of a Betty Davis album—and I’ve watched, in complete awe, as it’s become an operating system and hub for a generation of Girlbosses. Not something I could have dreamed up in the dingy bedroom where I started it all with a laptop, a digital camera, and a pile of hard-won and haggled-over vintage clothing. I pretty much exclusively wore eau de Febreze until 2010. Let that be a lesson: Your life can begin as a dirty skateboard and morph into a hot rod somewhere along the way. You just have to keep the doors on the motherfucker, even if it takes a lot of duct tape. It never ends: I am duct- taping all day, every day, to this day. Doesn’t end. So Nasty Galaxy. What could it be? A new solar system filled with the magical spirit dust of David Bowie? Nasty Gal as a world, with all of its requisite trappings, in the most physical sense of the word?

The process of putting this book together was really difficult—until it wasn’t at all. At first, I thought it could be some sort of style and lifestyle guide, even though I’ve always (and publically) vowed I’d never put something like that out into the world. . . . But there you go—I have the early outlines to prove that I was actually going to teach you how to mix prints. Then it morphed into a straight-up brand book—a visual counterpart to the history of Nasty Gal, until it became very apparent that the only people who would be interested in thumbing through something like that are our art directors. And then I decided to go all the way back to the beginning—to the black hole moment of creation —to trace the influences of both myself, of Nasty Gal, and of #Girlboss, and to serve it all up in stream- of-consciousness realness, not unlike your Instagram feed. It is a deep dive into my brain and my home.

Like all things that seem effortless and seamless in retrospect, I think this book makes a lot of sense now, as challenging as the path to order was to find. Of course this is the book. Or at least the opening play. Because here’s the thing: Nasty Gal isn’t just a clothing brand, and Girlboss isn’t just a meme that represents women stepping into and owning their power. Just like in the Nasty Galaxy, there’s no defining line or event horizon. And no moment when you have to be just one thing. Nasty Galaxy represents infinite possibility—a place in time and space where anything can happen. The women and artists in this book represent that—people who play without rules, who define new genres that only seem obvious in retrospect, who think in an original and boundless way, who don’t even consider that “no” might be an answer. The path to join them takes guts, grit, and the willingness to step into an abyss of unknowns, with no clear path in sight. You can only see the road you’ve paved in the rearview window, but no matter, because there’s plenty of magic ahead.

Welcome to the Nasty Galaxy.



So now you’ve read the intro and you gotta keep this party moving. Nasty Galaxy is officially in orbit; order it at Nasty Gal, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or pretty much anywhere books are sold. Devour the essays, advice, how-tos and interviews with the killer-est queens on the planet. Soak in the stunning photographs,  illustrations by Tuesday Bassen, and tell everyone you know about it——your sister, your bestie, your bestie’s other bestie, your cool cousins, you mentor, your mom. It’ll make you laugh, ponder the existential purpose of your life, inspire you, and probably make you hungry (but don’t worry ‘cause there are even recipes inside). There’s something in there for everyone, and we promise it’ll be the best thing to ever take up real estate on your coffee table. 

And then: Come see me on tour and meet other incredible women in the process! 

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