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To the casual observer, the fact that Halloween falls on a Monday this year seems like a bummer (you would, 2016). But what it really means is that there’s more Halloween to go around, because there will be parties on Friday, Saturday and Monday. And if you’re reading this right now, we’re guessing it’s because you’ve put off putting together a costume until the week before (too busy running the game, I see!) Fret not, girlfriend; we’ve put together some of our favorite easy-to-throw-together yet Girlbossy AF costumes. Many of them have components you’ll be able to reuse, and a couple of them are meant for two or more, so let your girls know there’s no need for despair: that sexy hamburger costume on clearance can stay on the rack for now. 

Gloria Steinem

Iconic, super simple, and it only requires a trip to the craft aisle. You could go for the whole thing with the strappy white sandals, loose longsleeve tee and rolled up jeans, but the deal maker is of course the sign. It feels especially relevant to rock Gloria’s getup a mere week before the election, no?

Such a Nasty Woman

Let’s all give a hearty thanks to The Donald for this one. You might’ve caught these totes and t-shirts whipped up by Nasty Gal in the wake of that memorable moment from the third Presidential debate. Here’s your chance to bring it to life: Sensible slacks plus a leather jacket (if you’re gonna go full bore, the mouth off leather moto jacket is as nasty as it gets), a studded choker, and a Hillary wig

Abbi & Ilana from Broad City

Grab your bestie and recreate one of the most romantic moments in television history: when a roid-raging Abbi saves Ilana as she’s suffering from a massive seafood allergy attack on episode 10 of the first season. For Ilana, you can pick up this faux-leather bustier on the cheap and bedazzle it yourself and pair it with this studded faux leather skirt. For Abbi, pick up something similar to her blue bandage dress that makes many appearances throughout the series.

  Photo illustration by Juliana Jimenez Jaramillo. Photos by Jim Young/Reuters and Thinkstock

Photo illustration by Juliana Jimenez Jaramillo. Photos by Jim Young/Reuters and Thinkstock

The Notorious RBG

A classic! This costume has been making the rounds for a few years now, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome (and comfortable). Pick up a simple long black dress you'll wear elsewhere (or dig up your old graduation robe if your alma mater rocked black). A wide selection of lace collars and lace handkerchiefs are available on Etsy. Finishing touches include some RBG glasses and this regal crown. And be sure to express all disagreements with a loud "I dissent!" all night.


Another gift courtesy of The Donald! In response to that horrendous conversation between Trump and Billy Bush, Feminist Fight Club author (and Girlboss Radio guest!) Jessica Bennett, writer Amanda Duarte and artist Stella Marrs came up with this viral image. Take it to the next level by getting literal with this vagina costume and giant plush hands so you can grab back.

 via Flavorwire

via Flavorwire

Daria & Jane from Daria

The most loveable pair of misanthropes there ever were, in our opinion. For Daria, you’ll need a green blazer, a brown crewneck t-shirt, a black pleated skirt, black combat boots (these will do the trick, but if you want to splurge on some Doc Martens, you’ll probably get lots of use out of them!) and of course, some round ‘scripts. You’ll need to go around saying things like “I hate everybody” and “I don’t like kids” in a monotone. For Jane, you can go with the same blazer in red, a black v-neck, gray shorts, black tights, and combat boots as well.

Wednesday Addams

Channel your inner spider-raising, death-obsessed Wednesday Addams by picking up a black dress with a white collar (which you’ll surely use again!), throwing your hair into two braids (a severe middle part is key), black tights and black shoes. Finish it off by not smiling at anyone ever.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Another blessedly simple one that you can whip up last minute and on a budget: all black, big hair, and a stake for slaying vampires, obviously. Crack wise while keeping the streets of Sunnydale demon-free and you’ll be the most effortless slayer at the party.

Pussy Riot

These badasses will go down in history for their punk-rock protest against authoritarianism atop a cathedral in Moscow, an act that would result in three members’ imprisonment. Pay homage to these women who’ve been outspoken in their support of LGBTQ rights and feminism by rocking their uniform, which consists of whatever the hell you want to wear, plus a knit beanie with eye holes and a mouth hole cut out. 

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