Beyond the #Girlbossmoment: Chelsea Nice steps into her former boss’ shoes!


“I started working for AEG Facilities as an intern back in 2013 in between my junior and senior year of college at the University of Arizona. AEG Facilities is the management company that handles venue operations for hundreds of properties (among other things), and I happened to land close to home at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.
After finishing my internship, I returned to school for my senior year, graduated, and was lucky to be welcomed back to the AEG team. I did work revolving around grassroots marketing, community outreach, digital marketing, and everything in between. After about six months of being a part-time employee (post-graduation and living at home), I was ready to ask for more and go full-time. From there, I was elevated to a full-time position as a Digital Marketing Manager and continued to build upon my responsibilities for marketing one of the top venues in the United States.
Fast forward to September of 2015: My boss and mentor since my initial internship in 2013 was moving on to pursue another opportunity, and I was in a full-fledged panic. What was going to happen to me?! Where would I go?! How do I function without someone guiding me along the way?! I was convinced that there would be another Marketing Director that would come in, and I would adjust to a new person being my boss. But then I was told by our General Manager that I was being given the opportunity to lead the Marketing Department in the wake of my boss’ absence. I gave myself a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work: I was only 23 at the time and had been in the industry for less than two years; why would anyone think I was capable of doing something like this?

Turns out, being thrown into the deep end was the best way for me to learn. I took the skills and knowledge that I had acquired and began to prove to everyone, including myself, that I could tackle this challenge (with the assistance of a few phone calls to my former boss a couple of times...) 
One year later, with one full-timer on my team and another on the way, I’d finally reached a place of confidence in my role. I wanted a title change and compensation to reflect my expertise and experience, so I scheduled a meeting with my boss. A few conversations later, I was offered exactly what I was after, and I couldn’t be happier...even if my voice did shake a couple of times!”


Three pieces of advice for aspiring Girlbosses:

  • Ask for help and learn from people that are different from you! Whether it’s people in your immediate network or someone you admire, everyone has a different perspective that can positively benefit your personal and professional life. A lot of my inspiration comes from documentaries (because I’m a total documentary nerd), but my day-to-day help and advice come from those that I admire and respect in the entertainment industry realm and my family/friends.
  • Nothing is above your pay grade. Something that you may consider outside your field of knowledge is just another opportunity for you to ask questions and learn something new that you didn’t know before; look at everything as an opportunity for growth.
  • Take time for yourself. I used to think that staying extra hours after work meant that I was productive (and sometimes I was!), but then I realized that method quickly leads to burnout. Just because you work long hours doesn’t mean you’re working harder than anyone else. You know the phrase “work smarter, not harder?” IT’S TRUE. Put 100% into your work day, and walk away once you finish your to-do list. Doing something for yourself and taking personal time after a work day has so many benefits on your physical and mental health--I can’t say enough good things about it.


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