Terms & Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions apply to creative grants that the GIRLBOSS Foundation (the “Foundation”) awards to young women to assist in their career paths. The Foundation is a charitable project whose mission is to empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs within the creative community by awarding grants to assist in the development of their skills, talents, creativity and educational goals. These General Terms and Conditions govern the Grant Program and they constitute an agreement between Foundation and any person who acts to apply or participate in the Grant Program. Such action or other assent constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.


GIRLBOSS Foundation Grants are exclusive to female creatives in the worlds of design, fashion, music, or the arts. To be eligible, GIRLBOSS grant applicants must be female, US residents, that are or will be 18 years or older by the close of the submission window for quarterly grants.


The GIRLBOSS Foundation grants are awarded on a quarterly basis, as listed in the Foundation Calendar. Applications will be accepted beginning at 12 a.m. Pacific Time (“PT”) on the first day of the quarter and end at 11:59 p.m. PT on the last day of the quarter (the “Acceptance Period”). To apply, visit http://girlboss.com/apply, and complete the online form. You are required to submit your name, contact information, details about your current project for which you a requesting funding, and examples of your work. All applications must be submitted through the site by 11:59 p.m. PT on the last day of the acceptance period or else they will be rolled into the following quarter. Applicants can submitted examples of their work through a website link within the form, an attachment on the form page or by mail to: GIRLBOSS Foundation, Attn: Foundation Grant Application 2046 Hillhurst Ave #112, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Any examples of your work that are submitted by mail must be post marked by the last day of the submission period. Applications submitted in-person or by email, phone or other means will not be accepted and are not eligible for a grant.

Limit: one application per person (regardless of entry method), per quarter. The same project may not be associated with more than one application; violations may result in disqualification of all associated applications. Automated methods of entry are prohibited. Use of automated methods of entry may result in disqualification. Please see Foundation’s Privacy Policy (located at http://www.girlboss.com/privacy-policy) for details of Foundation’s use of personal information collected in connection with this Grant Program. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in disqualification from the Grant Program.

In its discretion, Foundation may disqualify any application that the Foundation determines, in its sole discretion, was obtained or submitted through unauthorized means or sources, is not original, is illegible, mutilated, altered, reproduced, stolen, forged, counterfeited, irregular, or is non-compliant with these terms and conditions.

Costs associated with applying for a grant (if any) are the applicant’s responsibility and are dependent on the internet service provider, telecommunications provider or other third party used to submit the application.


Awards granted will be in amounts ranging from $500-$15,000 strictly to be used by recipients towards their submitted project within a 12 month period. The grant recipient will also receive exposure for her project through the GIRLBOSS and Girlboss digital channels.


The GIRLBOSS Foundation will aim to award at least three (3) grants each quarter, depending on the volume of submissions and amount of money requested. The GIRLBOSS Foundation reserves the right to award less than three Grants each quarter. The total value of Grants awarded each quarter will not exceed $30,000.

Applicants awarded a grant will be selected by a committee formed from a group of Girlboss staff representing varying departments such as design, finance, marketing, and tech and led by Sophia Amoruso. The committee reviews all applications submitted within the period and judges each project based on the following criteria:

Demonstrates creativity and innovation in the specific field (30%) Demonstrates business acumen and forward planning (30%) Demonstrates financial need (30%) Proposed timing, work plan, and budget are clear, detailed, and achievable within the next 12 months (10%)

The GIRLBOSS Foundation may require grant recipients to sign and deliver to Foundation’s satisfaction a waiver, release and confirmation of eligibility under and compliance with these terms and conditions. The GIRLBOSS Foundation or its designee will attempt to contact the selected applicant by email and/or phone twice over a seven (7) day period via the email address and telephone number provided by such selected applicant. If the selected applicant cannot be contacted after seven (7) days from her selection date, or if the Grant notification is returned or reported as undeliverable, or if the selected applicant (whether or not contacted) is deemed to be ineligible or disqualified (which shall be in the Foundation’s sole discretion), or if the selected entrant fails to, is unable to or is unwilling to comply with these terms and conditions, or if the selected applicant fails to, is unable to or is unwilling within fourteen (14) days to sign and deliver to Foundation’s satisfaction a waiver, release and confirmation of eligibility under and in compliance with these terms and conditions, then the selected applicant forfeits all rights to receive the Grant and will be deemed disqualified. In such case another applicant may be selected for the Grant. All findings, determinations and decisions of the Foundation or its designees are final and binding in all matters relating to this Grant Program and in all respects.


By participating in this Grant Program, each applicant agrees to release the Foundation and the other Released Parties from any and all liability, claims, injuries, losses, harm or damages of any kind caused by, resulting from or otherwise arising in connection with this Grant Program, participation in this Grant Program, the operation, administration, change or cancellation of the Grant Program or any acceptance, use, misuse or consequence of the Grant (or any part thereof). As used in these terms and conditions, “Released Party(ies)” means and includes, the GIRLBOSS Foundation, and its Affiliates, Girlboss Media, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Foundation’s marketing partners, suppliers and advertising and/or promotion agencies, any person or entity providing, supplying, fulfilling or delivering the Grant, any of the contractors, licensors or suppliers of any of the foregoing, any of the Affiliates of any of the foregoing and any of the directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives of any of the foregoing. Any recourse you have regarding any such liability, claims, injuries, losses, harm or damages is limited solely and exclusively to the Foundation and not to any other Released Party nor to any other person or entity. For purposes of these Rules, an “Affiliate” of an entity, association, business or other specified person is an entity, association, business or person that directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, such specified entity, association, business or person.

In addition to the Foundation, any Released Party may enforce any provision of these Rules that specifically addresses a Released Party and, according to its express terms, represents an actual or potential protection or benefit for the Released Party.

Except where prohibited by law, by applying for a Foundation Grant, you hereby consent to Foundation’s and its designees’ and their respective Affiliates’ publication, broadcast, website posting and other dissemination and use of your picture, name, address, voice, likeness and/or statements for legal, information, editorial, promotional, advertising and/or publicity purposes in any media, worldwide, without limit and without further compensation.


The identity of the awardees will be published approximately one (1) day after the grant recipients have been finally declared and the Grant (or any part thereof) has been finally awarded. Such publication will be posted to the following Web site: http://girlboss.com, or such other Web location of Foundation’s as may be deemed appropriate by Foundation, and shall remain on such website for at least one (1) month.

Any and all taxes and other costs and expenses arising from or relating to any award is solely the responsibility of each grant recipient.


Donations to and Grants awarded by the GIRLBOSS Foundation are managed through our partners at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (“PVF”) is a registered 501c3 that serves as the depository and partner for the GIRLBOSS Foundation. All donations are accepted by PVF on behalf of the GIRLBOSS Foundation; and all grants are awarded by PVF on behalf of the GIRLBOSS Foundation.