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Keynote on Success with Gabby Bernstein

Success is a journey more than anything else, and the way each of us thinks about where it leads is completely different—and can change over time. Consider this a crash course in asking yourself "what if"—and then taking a big leap.

Resilience On The Bumpy Road To Entrepreneurship: Lisa Price, Aurora James, and Kathryn Minshew in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

Founders who have built some of the most interesting businesses of our time reflect on the failures and stumbling blocks that pointed them to where they are today. We all know the struggle makes you stronger—but here's how to actually survive it.  

Ladies Pioneering Tech: Beth Comstock and Nina Tandon in Conversation with Neha Gandhi

What does a woman taking over the tech world look like? Any other woman in this room. Women have the power to lead innovation—and we're bringing four leaders in the space together to talk about why that's not just important, but necessary.

Ashley Graham in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

An intimate conversation with the model and author about finding your voice, speaking your truth, and nurturing confidence in the face of haters who will happily shout you down if you let them.

Cultivating Confidence In A World That Stomps Daisies: Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, Tess Holliday, and Joanna Coles in Conversation with Jerico Mandybur

It feels like daisy-stomping and bullying are national pastimes these days. So, how do you keep believing in yourself in spite of all that? Some of the most inspiring—and confident—women we know are taking the stage to discuss how they cultivate their own confidence, and what you can learn from them.

All Ships Rise: Amani Al-Khatahtbeh and Ukonwa Ojo in Conversation with Deena Drewis

Women from a range of industries discuss the power of representation and diversity—and why this isn't just a fringe initiative or the right thing to do. It's the only way forward if we want to continue to advance as a society, produce the best and most innovative work, and compete globally.

Fixing A Broken World: Zerlina Maxwell, Alencia Johnson, and Nancy Lublin in Conversation with Neha Gandhi

Health care. Gun control. Immigration. The right to protest. Basic life-giving essentials in disaster-stricken parts of the country. These are just some of the challenging issues we're staring down today. So, how do you make a real difference in a broken world? Three women who are making meaningful change every day show us how we can all make activism our side hustles.

Lead Like A Woman: Linda Wells and Deborah Curtis in Conversation with Neha Gandhi

Don't cry at work. Don't say sorry so much. We've probably all heard these BS pieces of prescriptive advice that push women to behave more like a man in order to get ahead. But what if we leaned more on our authentic selves to manage teams in the ways that took advantage of our strength? Three industry leaders break down the most important management lessons they have learned over their careers.

It's Complicated, Our Relationship With $$: Sallie Krawcheck, Sarah Kunst, and Priya Malani in Conversation with Deena Drewis (with opening remarks by Sallie Krawcheck)

Pay equality, re-entry into the workforce, flexibility, earning power, and more all start with the way we as women think and talk about money. A former investor, personal finance pro, and a big-deal finance exec-turned founder helps us get started un-complicating our relationships with money.

Sell Yourself, Not Your Soul: Elaine Welteroth, Leandra Medine, and Whitney Wolfe in Conversation with Moj Mahdara

How to build a brand for yourself—and your business—in an age of influencer marketing, social on steroids, and a whole lot of noise.

Esther Perel in Conversation with Jerico Mandybur

A thoughtful exploration of modern relationships with the woman who has changed the way we all think about sex, infidelity, partnership, and companionship.

Startup Studio Workshops

What Good Internal Communication Looks Like, with Reese Evans, Career Coach & Founder of YesSupply and Dara Deshe Segal

Founders share the best practices every founder needs to know to build an infrastructure that works for you, not against you. 

Navigating the Wild World of Venture with Heather Hartnett, Human Ventures CEO and Lindsey Taylor Wood, The Helm

Learn how to navigate the world of venture with the a founding partner and the CFO of Human Ventures, a fund that’s all about helping “normal” people with great ideas become successful founders. 

Productivity, Flexibility, & The Future with Annie Dean, co-founder & CEO of Werk

The modern workplace is changing—for the better. We’re moving into a world where flexibility is non-negotiable, and productivity on your own terms is what businesses are starting to value about all else. The founders of Werk, a job marketplace that’s all about flexibility, will show you. 

Workshop 5: Getting Your Finances In Order with Lindsay Bressler, VP of Finance Strategy and Ops at Hatch

This might not be the most glamorous part of building a business, but it’s the most essential. Smart financial planning is the key to building a company that can become profitable and scale. Join the head of finance and ops at one of the coolest maternity clothing brands out there, for some real talk about $$. 

Brand-Building 101 with Kiki Von Glinow, Instagram Influencer & Coach, Founder of soon-to-launch Toast and Denise Lee, Founder & CEO of Alala Programming

Learn how to build a distinctive brand that people remember—and that inspires your brand fans to loyalty and conversion. How do you make your brand truly unforgettable and unmissable? A branding pro, a social pro, and a founder who’s done exactly this come together to show you. 






Wellness for Weirdos: Amanda Chantal Bacon in Conversation with Elise Loehnen

The Moon Juice founder gets real about separating fad from fact when it comes to eating plants, petals and Sex Dust. Ghee whiz!

Blow Your Own Mind: Sex, Health & Consciousness: Liz Goldwyn in Conversation with Tierney Finster

The sexperts discuss society’s progress (and hangups) with female sexuality, and why getting real with yourself about what’s good, bad, liberating, and oppressive plays a huge role in all aspects of living our full truths. 

Storytelling is Everything with Rachel Shechtman

Have an idea you can’t figure out how to pitch?  Upset because your first business failed?  Rachel Shechtman, Founder & CEO of NY based retail media concept STORY, will join us for an intimate conversation about her journey and will also be ready to answer questions about yours.

20 Years, 20 Mistakes: A Talk with Rachel Weiss

The L’Oreal innovator reflects on her career and the beauty in the blunder.

The Girlboss Foundation: Roseli Ilano, Deena Drewis, and Mara Lecocq in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

Three Girlboss Foundation Grant recipients discuss the perks of starting small, why brand authenticity matters more than ever, and the digital tools that are leveling the playing field for small business owners everywhere.

The Websites Dreams are Made Of  with Promise Tangeman

The founder of Go Live HQ demonstrates the process of creating a beautiful, functional website and discusses what separates a good web presence from an exceptional one.

Pursuing Your Dreams Fearlessly with Arian Simone

The entrepreneur, celebrity publicist and author discusses how she went from living out of her car for a year after college to building a successful PR and marketing firm from the ground up, eventually snagging clients like Sony, Universal and Disney. Arian will share her 7 key steps on how to pursue your dreams fearlessly!

Rebels in Film & TV: Kirsten Schaffer in Conversation with Roya Rastegar

Boldly breaking with conventions, filmmakers, actors, industry creatives and experts, and producers are taking charge of their own representations—on and off screen. What will it really take to dismantle the Old Guard and create a variety of stories that reflect us all?

Jane Buckingham on Millennials: The Myths and Realities of a Misunderstood Generation

The generational expert and trend leader talks about bridging the divide in the workplace, relationships and in life. 

To Raise or Not to Raise? Susan Lyne, Sara Christensen, and Sarah Kunst in Conversation with Moj Mahdara

Everyone’s talking seed rounds and cap tables, but is seeking investors necessary (or smart) for all entrepreneurs? An investor, a former investor, and an entrepreneur dish on the pros and cons of sharing the pie.

Creativity in the Wild: Amel Monsur, Tuesday Bassen, Peggy Noland, and Nicole Williams in Conversation with Bobby Hundreds

The Executive Creative Director at VICE, L.A.’s favorite illustrator, a renegade fashion designer and a marketer-turned-entrepreneur discuss that timeless paying-bills-with-your-craft struggle and why it’s important to preserve your weirdness.

On Confidence: A Talk With Jess Weiner

Jess Weiner, the mind behind Dove and Barbie’s brand transformations, talks self-image in the world of social media and why comparison is the thief of joy when it comes to loving ourselves.

Going Viral for Good: Kelly Oxford in Conversation with Jess Weiner

Jess Weiner in conversation with Kelly Oxford, the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and viral shit-starter on the importance of women owning our stories and using the tools we have to make an impact.

The Best Career Advice You’re Not Getting (And It’s Not What You Think) with Sallie Krawcheck

The co-founder and CEO of Ellevest and author of the book Own It: The Power of Women at Work has built an influential career by being frank when it comes to women, career, and finance; she brings the realness to everything they’re not telling you about leveling up in your career.

Crafting the Perfect Space: Pam Shamshiri and Kelly Sawdon in Conversation with Nikolai Haas

The coveted interior designer and the creative mind behind The Ace Hotel discuss the importance and how-tos of decking out a space in order to be the queen of your world.

Commit to Something with Gabby Bernstein

The #1 New York Times bestselling author talks committing to happiness and focusing on our inner life in order to create the life we want. We’ll set intentions for the day to clear the blocks that could be standing in the way of your vision and goals.

The Body Issue: Samantha Paige in Conversation with Liz Nolan

The star of Equinox’s striking Commit to Something campaign discusses her choice to have a pre-emptive double mastectomy, the reconstructive surgery that followed, her subsequent removal of her implants, and recognizing the beauty in owning her scars.

How to Be a Bawse: Lilly Singh in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

The YouTube superstar discusses what she knows best: How to be a bawsey AF Girlboss—her rise, what she’s learned, and how she makes it all work—all while trying to remember to floss before bed.

Building A Better Mousetrap: Payal Kadakia, Brit Morin, Michelle Lam in Conversation with Elise Loehnen

The founder of ClassPass, Brit + Co and True & CO join the Head of Content at Goop in a conversation about their careers and building companies that make women's lives better every day.

Humor is my Anesthesia: Whitney Cummings in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

The comedian, writer, and producer talks work, relationships, navigating bullshit at high tide, and why everyone should have a dog. Everyone.

Follow the Leadership: Sarah Robb O’Hagan in Conversation with Sheree Waterson

Two women who’ve spent years at the executive level for big brands get real about the struggles of leadership, team building, keeping your head above water when you’re deep in the weeds, and trusting yourself when all that’s left is your gut.

Engineering Obsession: Tyler Haney, Emily Weiss, Whitney Wolfe in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

Founders of cult-favorite brands Outdoor Voices, Glossier, and Bumble talk with Sophia about how to stand out in the ever-widening sea of entrepreneurs and putting in the work on your most valuable relationship: the customer.

The World's Gone Mad: Jessica Bennett, Alyssa Mastromonaco, and Moj Mahdara in Conversation with Deena Drewis

Real talk from three game-changing women about WTF is going on in the world right now and what we can do about it. Because, seriously, WTF?

Zooming in on Instagram: Kevin Systrom in Conversation with Sophia Amoruso

The Instagram CEO chats with Sophia about what it’s like to keep up with a company that outpaces everyone’s expectations (even your own), and whether he ever anticipated the rise of the selfie.

Girlboss on NETFLIX: Kay Cannon, Britt Robertson, Sophia Amoruso, Laverne McKinnon, and Audrey Fisher in Conversation with Deena Drewis

The star and executives of the forthcoming NETFLIX series Girlboss discuss the making of the series and creating fiction from fact.