23 of the Best Moments From the First-Ever Girlboss Rally


Ahead of the first-ever Girlboss Rally last Saturday in downtown Los Angeles, we had a pretty good idea that it was going to be an incredible event. We of course knew 500 ambitious, smart women were going to be there, listening to and learning from 50 luminaries discussing all different topics—career, wellness, politics, sexuality, creativity, finance and everything in between. We knew that visually, we were all going to be rubbing elbows and meeting new co-conspirators in a gorgeous setting. 

But ladies, this was beyond. Four days later, we’re still buzzing with the energy that accumulated around a big group of women coming together to take ownership over their successes and lift each other up. It was an exceptional day in every sense of the word. Women flew in from all over the world to be there, coming from destinations as far as Australia and the Netherlands. We saw genuine connections being made, notes being furiously scribbled, gorgeous new headshots being taken, and new friendships budding. And while Team Girlboss and our partners were excited to put this together, it was really the attendees that stole the show. Seriously. Our speakers couldn’t stop talking about how smart everyone’s questions were and how electrifying the energy was. 

Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite moments of the inaugural Girlboss Rally. If you weren’t able to make it this go-round, don’t worry; we’re already hard at work planning the next one, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can still swoop on a Digital Ticket that will give you access to every single one of these incredible talks. 

1. First, a quick sneak peak at the Dream Den the night before the crowds arrived, because, well, just look at how gorgeous it is.

2. Rewind to Friday night: Things kicked off with a cocktail party at the Ace Hotel, where VIP ticket holders got to meet fellow attendees for the first time and mingle with speakers. By far, the drink of choice that night was an Aperol Spritz, courtesy of Aperol (natch). 

3. Next, the party moved to the Rally venue at the Hudson Lofts for a special dinner set in what might possibly be the most beautiful setting the color pink has ever adorned. The evening was in partnership with the American Express Platinum Collective, an advisory board that Sophia has recently been appointed to alongside prominent thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

4. Pretty place settings. The American Express Platinum Collective crafted cootie catchers filled with questions about creativity and careers to get the conversation started.

5. Girlboss Rally attendees started lining up bright and early before the doors opened up at 8 a.m. We may be a little biased, but they’re the most stylish. 

6. Attendees at the registration picking up their badges and schedules for the day.

7. Loading into the elevator that took them upstairs to the main event.

8. Getting touch-ups courtesy of Beglammed, ahead of getting new headshots taken. Attendees were then invited to upload their new pics and get a consult from a Bumble Profile Doctor, who tweaked profiles to make sure they were primed to make the best connections. Keep an eye out for a networking version of the app, Bumble Bizz, which launches this summer.

9. In the next room over, Ralliers could pop into the Squarespace Studio, where they could get one-on-one consult on their websites or start a new one from scratch with the guidance of a Squarespace professional. The focus was on small business, blogging, and creative networking, and the studio was filled with gorgeous products from female makers and entrepreneurs for inspiration. 

10. Sophia kicks off the day discussing the influence of women millennials and what we were all there for that day: “We must write our own stories and define success on our own terms.”

11. #1 New York Times best-selling author Gabby Bernstein lit a fire under the audience with her talk “Commit to Something,” presented by Equinox. “Remembering the love and magnitude of who I am is the key to the success I feel today,” she told the crowd. Afterward, she signed copies of her book The Universe Has Your Back

12. The audience sat rapt as Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck dropped knowledge about women in the workplace: “Research shows when companies have more women in senior leadership positions, they perform better.”

13. Entrepreneur, celebrity publicist and author Arian Simone shares her story of how she went from living out of her car for a year to founding a successful marketing agency. She shared her 7 key steps to pursuing your dreams fearlessly (and the lady’s got boundless charisma if you can’t tell from the photo). 

14. Refueling with Sweetgreen and Moon Juice

15. Rachel Shechtman, owner and CEO of the innovative retail space STORY, discusses her unusual model, taking risks, forming connections and the importance of storytelling in business in a cozy conversation presented by American Express Platinum. “The single greatest luxury is time,” Rachel told the crowd, on the subject of work-life balance. 

16. Takin’ a selfie break on a giant pink bean bag.

17. Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of JENNIFER, interviews Nicole Williams, founder of Breakfast With Alice; Peggy Noland, renegade fashion designer; Tuesday Bassen, illustrator and owner of Shop Tuesday; and Amel Monsur, Executive Creative Director of VICE, about creativity. “The multiplicity of women has to happen. It cannot be just one version of us,” Monsur said.

18. Rachel Weiss, the Vice President of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship for L’Oreal, discusses the highs and lows of her 20-year-long career and what it takes to level up to the job you want. “Story worrying about everyone around you. Think about your own journey,” she told the crowd.

19. The Colored Girl founder Tori Elizabeth waits to get her copy of #GIRLBOSS signed.

20. Comedian, writer and producer Whitney Cummings en route to the stage where she cracked up the audience talking career, relationships and dogs with Sophia. “It can never happen too late, “ she told the crowd. 

21. The final panel of the day featured the creators of the Netflix series Girlboss. From left to right: Actress Britt Robertson, showrunner and creator Kay Cannon, Sophia Amoruso, and costume designer Audrey Fisher. The show drops April 21--mark your calendars!

22. Capping off the night with a much-deserved cocktail, courtesy of Women and Whiskies and Aperol!

23. See ya at the next Girlboss Rally!

All photos by Chris Swoszowski.

-Deena Drewis